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all articles marked with  ***  exist also in german version

Saudi Arabia :  

Mada'in Saleh - important Nabataean desert capital

Mada'in Saleh Revisited - new excavations & findings

Dedan & Lihyan - large oasis & oldest trading center

Tayma Excavations & Neo-babylonian King Nabonid 

Al Fau Ruins - the Kinda Kingdom 

Al Ukhdoud Ruins

Rajajeel - Neolithic stone colums & ceremonial center  

Ancient Gold Mining in Saudi Arabia

Dilmun - pre-historic Paradise discovered in Bahrain


Jordan :  

Petra - Nabataean Capital 

Great Temple in Petra - came to live after 14 years excavations

Jerash / Gerasa - best preserved Decapolis city

Umm Qweis / Gadara - school of poets, writers & philosophers

Umm el-Jimal - Bosra supply center built of black lava stone

Pella - interesting Roman city off the tourist track

Iraq el-Emir - rare Hellenistic site close to Amman 


Nabataea :  

Nabataean Kings - their history & accomplishments

Nabataean Rural Towns - many wide spread trading centers

Nabatean Incense Trade - basis of Nabataean economy & wealth

Nabataean Pantheon - interesting insight into ceremonies, beliefs & gods

Nabataean Niches - places of worship & votive texts

Nabataean Script - unique writings

Nabataean Ceramics - eggshell thin pottery

Nabataean Figurines - religious art objects

Nabataean Culture - day-to-day life in Petra

Nabataean Sylleaus & Roman expedition to Yemen "Arabia Felix"   


Turkey :

Goebekli Tepe - first temple site world wide   ***

Cayoenue - first metal production 12,000 years ago   ***

Catal Hoeyuek - first proto-city with 8,000 inhabitants   ***

Hattusa - capital of powerful Hittite empire   ***


Neolithic Period :

Human Immigration in the Middle East - how Homo Sapiens moved "Out of Africa"   ***

Natufian Culture - the "Neolithic Revolution" with first settlements & farming   ***

Al Magar Civilization - first domestication of horses 9,000 years ago   ***

First Neolithic Settlements in Jordan   ***

Ba'ja Neolithic Settlement in Jordan   ***

Yarmouk Culture and early female figurines   ***

Desert Kites - little known Neolithic hunting traps

Cairns & Tumuli - interesting forms of ancient burial sites


Rock Art & Petroglyphs :

Rock Art & Petroglyphs in Saudi Arabia

Human Depictions - multiple variations in Saudi rock art

Jubbah - unique live size human rock engravings & dancing groups

Janin Cave - oldest hand prints on the Arabian peninsula

Yatib Mountain - surprising rock art mix in the Northern desert

Wadi Abu Oud - unique & complex neolithic depictions with unknown forms 

Bir Hima Sites - an area full of multiple rock engraving surprises & longest text 

Arabian Scripts & Languages - over 12 important ancient scripts


Syria :

Palmyra - at the end of the "Silk Road"

Bosra - under Nabataean influence


Egypt :

Pyramids in Lower Egypt 

Luxor Temple

Karnak Temple Complex

West Thebes Monuments

Royal Tombs - Valley of Kings & Queeens

Kom Ombo & Edfu Temples

Abu Simbel Grotto Temples

Philae & Kalabsha Island Temples


Sudan :

Black Pharaohs - revised version

Meroe Kingdom



Saba Kingdom & Queen Sheba   ***


Georgia :

Uplistsikhe - rock carved city on silk road


 Articles to be publishes in future:

Tarut Island

The Thaj Site

Wadi Damm Rock Art



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