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Early Mesopotamian Cultures

Jarmo, Hassuna, Samarra, Halaf & Ubaid are all Neolithic cultures over 5,000 years old. We show their first pottery and famous Halaf king statues

Sumer Civilization

This was the kick off to advanced and highly developed civilizations in Mesopotamia with inventing of writing, mathematics, astronomy and science in general. It was a network of growing city states focused on long distance trade and erection of mega buildings


Famed for the Hanging Gardens one of the wold wonders as well as the tower of Babel and the first legal code with nearly 300 paragraphs. His article will give you an interesting insight with informations you do not find in books

Akkad & Assyria

Akkad can be seen as the next step into civilization after Ubaid. Assyria in turn was a powerful empire having the strongest and most modern army at the time and its extension was the largest in the Near East