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Goebekli Tepe      

This is the world's first temple site with amazing megalithic circle structures with richly engraved huge monolithic "T" pillars possibly used for sky burials. There are about 20 such circles which have not all yet been excavated

Karahan Tepe

Another surprising site close to Goebekli Tepe but possibly some 2.000 years older and not only a ritual site but possibly also used for settlement purposes


This early neolithic town established 12,000 years ago is possibly the first to start metal production in the Near East

Catal Hoeyuek     

The first proto-city built already 9,000 years ago with up to 8,000 inhabitants which were hunter gatherer clans settling down and becoming first farmers and shepherds


The Hittites were the inventors of the first iron weapons became a powerful empire 3,000 years ago but later were overtaken by Assyria. Hattusa was their fortified capital