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Bolivia, Peru & Mexico


Important early cultural site high up in the South American Andes. This is an astonishing regional pilgrimage and ritual site which next to its vast spread ruins near Lake Titicaca also produced beautifully painted ceramics 

Tiahuanaco Pottery     

Pottery used as an important expression of culture with beautiful multichrome decorations and most interesting vessel forms 


500 years older and five times larger than Machu Picchu this is unbelievable but true and therefore it is an extraordinary site. Was it the unknown ancient university of Kallawaya healers? 

Machu Picchu

The most intriguing ruined city world wide. We will introduce you to this very special Inca residence with interesting information on some lesser known facts about the Incas

Inca Empire

Despite the great interest for Machu Picchu most visitors know relatively little about the Inca empire and daily life at the time. This article will give you some insight into the first social state of history

Teotihuacan I

This is the name the Aztecs gave this unknown culture existing about 1,000 years before them. They built the highest pyramids similar to those in Egypt

Teotihuacan II

Amazing additional information and pictures about this intriguing Mesoamerican culture which had close trade relations to the famous Maya situated over 1,000 kilometers westwards


This rather unknown culture in the Peruvian Andes is called the fog warriors as the built Kuelap as their fortified capital on a mountain ridge