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Black Pharaohs    

This article gives you an interesting insight into the old Nubian Kingdoms. Yes it is true that 6 "Black Pharaohs" ruled Egypt for 125 years until 655 BC. It is also true that there were more pyramids built in Sudan than in Egypt - around 900 in total. And there were 3 female rulers in Egypt and they had to dress up as men. But in Nubia existed a true matriarchate with over 7 strong queens called the Kandake Period. Further we explore the ancient capitals of Kerma, Napata and Meroe.  

Meroe Kingdom     

With this article we focus on this last period of the Kushite Empire in Nubia with more details and interesting pictures especially about the pyramids being built here for a much longer period than in Egypt. Yes the are smaller but there are more Pyramids in Nubia than in Egypt.